Workshop and Gallery

For details and information about the Island Pottery’s gallery in Thunder Bay click here.

Rossport Workshop and Gallery
Island Pottery Studio and Workshop , Rossport Ontario

Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-79 Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-86 Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-87Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-workshop02Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-workshop03Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-workshop04Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-workshop05Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-workshop06 Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-88 Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-83 Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-89 Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-About Tim-Alexander-Island-Pottery-78 Tim Alexander-Island Pottery-12 Tim Alexander-Island Pottery-09 Tim Alexander-Island Pottery-08 Tim Alexander-Island Pottery-07 Tim Alexander-Island Pottery-06

2 thoughts on “Workshop and Gallery

  1. Do you ship?

    I was at your studio this summer and bought one of your small moose plates and would like to get some additional plates.

    1. Hi Kerrie,

      Yes, I can ship. It would be ok to phone if you want details 807 824 2409 (Rossport) or 807 345 9073 (Thunder Bay) I do have some of thel moose plates.Let me know the size you are interested in.


      Tim Alexander

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